Teletherapy is even better


What is teletherapy? 

Using computers, the speech-language pathologist and the family log into the therapy platform for face-to-face interaction. The therapy techniques used by the speech-language pathologist are the same as the techniques used in the clinic. 


The main difference between teletherapy and traditional therapy is the type of activities used to keep the kids motivated and engaged.  Teletherapy activities may include:

  • online board games

  • whiteboard drawing

  • books 

  • flashcards

  • videos 

  • online games

  • built-in apps 


Why choose teletherapy and what is the advantage over traditional clinic-based therapy?

There have been over 50 educational studies proving teletherapy to be as effective as speech therapy in the clinic.  We offer all the quality of traditional therapy with the added bonus of time. 

With teletherapy, a 30-minute session equals a 30-minute session. 

Teletherapy provides an "easy" button for parents. There is no packing up, driving in traffic, and sitting in a noisy waiting room while your child is receiving therapy. Mom or Dad can actually

"de-stress" for a half hour instead of feeling like they have another chore to do. 

For children who have challenges when traveling (e.g. medically compromised, easily overstimulated, difficulty transitioning, social anxiety, remote location, etc.), we provide equal access. Being able to receive therapy at home levels the playing field for these children and gives them an additional tool that they need for success.  


Sports, art, music, friends....  What will your family do with more free time?  


What is a platform and what platform do you use for teletherapy?

A platform is a program used to virtually connect people in different locations. Examples of platforms include Skype and Zoom. 

We use TheraPlatform, which was designed specifically for speech therapy. We ensure HIPAA compliance and your information is safe.    

Other features of TheraPlatform include:

  • built-in apps, flashcards, and games

  • built-in whiteboard with drawing tools

  • screen sharing and video sharing

  • secure document sharing

  • excellent quality video and audio