All of the expertise,

none of the travel

Life is busy!  Managing work, school, after-school activities, appointments, responsibilities at home, and therapies can sometimes be overwhelming for parents.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were a way to give your child the best therapy available without leaving home?  That's where we come in!  


For children in Palm City & Stuart, Florida, we can provide speech-language therapy services in-home.  

For the entire state of Florida, we provide speech, language, and social skills therapy from our virtual office to wherever you are, using a secure and user-friendly speech therapy platform. This amazing service delivery model is called TELETHERAPY.   Teletherapy allows all of the expertise with none of the travel!  

Speech Therapy LIVE LLC is now a Gardiner Scholarship Provider!

 Reasons why in-home therapy or teletherapy is for you 

  1. Speech therapy provided by licensed and ASHA certified speech-language pathologists with expertise in articulation, language, and social skills 

  2. Face-to-face, live, meaningful, online communication - not screen time

  3. Over 50 educational studies proving teletherapy to be as effective as clinic therapy

  4. Special learning platform designed for speech therapy - HIPAA compliant

  5. No additional computer programming, software, or equipment necessary

  6. A 30 minute session = a 30 minute session

  7. No packing, traveling, or waiting rooms

Guest Article!  

Setting Your Child at Ease: Preparing for Pediatric Speech Therapy

Our Services

Face-to-face, live, online speech therapy
Articulation Therapy

We are experts in a variety of articulation challenges including articulation delays, phonological disorders, and childhood apraxia of speech.  

Social skills therapy

Help your child make friends, keep friends, and interact confidently across situations, places, and people.  We use specialized instruction, included the Social Thinking curriculum to help children learn social skills.  

Language therapy

Improve your child's comprehension and expression.  Our speech-language pathologists can help with a variety of language delays and disorders.


Techniques used in teletherapy are the same as techniques used in the clinic.  We simply provide a different set of activities to keep your child motivated and engaged, with one on one interaction with the speech-language pathologist.      

Early Intervention

Sooner is better when it comes to language development.  We provide speech-language therapy in-home for children in Santa Rosa County or northeast Pensacola and via teletherapy for the entire state of Florida.  We will empower you to assist with your child's development!    

Parent education

This is one of the areas where we really shine!  You can trust that you will be included in the therapy process.  We will provide you with education, feedback, and assistance in carrying over skills from the therapy room to home.  

Ready to find out more about teletherapy?

Teletherapy is not screen time. Learn more about the benefits of teletherapy and how we ensure our sessions have all of the value (and more) than therapy in a clinic setting.